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This Tribal Federation was founded with the Treaty of Pierre between the Blood Ax and Fire Hawk Clans, as a result of a period of negotiations between the two tribes.

This piece of article helps govern tribal relations and sets up a system of governance to accomodates all tribes within the Federation.

Capitol: Pierre

Leader: the Council (de jure), Chief Akando Redcloud (de facto)

Location: South Dakota

Population: 2800-3000

The Constituent TribesEdit

Blood Ax Clan - led by Chief Akando Redcloud, this tribe is the leading tribe of the Federation, handling diplomacy and foreign affairs, it is one of the two founder tribes of the Federation, the other being the Fire Hawks, it also holds the distinction of being the Largest of the Federations tribes, assuring its position of dominance. Link:

Fire Hawks - led by Chief Johnny Blaize, this tribe comprises the warrior branch of the Federation, providing a vast majority of its military power and strength, as such it is typically their warriors who are sent out to fight the Federations battles, it also holds the distinction of being one of the founder tribes in the Federation. Link:

Third tribe - the recent addition to the federation, this tribe is currently vacant.

Fourth Tribe

Fifth Tribe

Diplomatic relationsEdit

Imperial Colorado Ascendancy: neutral relations

Greater Nevadan Empire: never met yet

Californian-Nevadan Republic: never met

Fascists: never met