The Greater Nevadian Empire is an imperial society existing in the SW former United States of America. It is led by Emperor Kieran, and is based around the tenants of Law, Order and Peace. The offical imperial slogan, which was crafted - along with the banner - by an apparent fan of an old computer game known as "Command & Conquer", is "Peace Through Power".
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The Empire was founded by Major General Kieran MacDermott of the Nevada National Guard, shortly after the collapse. Giving up on the sparesly populated north and the heavily infested Las Vegas, he withdrew south and linked up with the remains of the Arizona National Guard near Bullhead City. These forces, along with a single Californian unit from Needles, formed the backbone of the new Imperial Army, which dedicated itself to purging the infection and expanding it's New Order through the desert.

The Growth WarsEdit

After securing the local area, the Empire began expanding. At first, assimilation of local groups was peaceful, the survivors looking for any sort of security. Later conquests caused conflict with local warlords, including one controlling the Principality of Kingman. This culminated with the Battle of Kingman, the largest battle of the Early Growth Wars, a resounding Imperial victory. This battle opened up the way for the eventual conquering of Arizona by the Empire.

The First and Second Cali-Nevadian WarsEdit

While often considered the first war between the CNR and the GNE, the Needles Conflict technically occured shortly before the creation of the Republic, though the opposing Californian general did become one of it's founding members. As a result of the first war, the Empire gained Needles and secured it as it's western border. Shortly after the formation of the CNR, Nevadian spies reported that the Los Angeles government was a corrupt mess, and indeed there were several mass protests against it in the surrounding area. Seeing an opprotunity, the Empire used the excuse of providing stability to invade, managing to slog past the poorly defended border and into Palm Springs, where the invasion eventually stalled against the San Gabriel mountains. A CNR counter attack eventually pushed GNE forces back to Lake Havasu, where GNE defensive forces stalled the counter invasion at the Colorado River. The recovery and use of the remains of an A-10 squadron from Groom Lake facilitated a GNE counter attack, which pushed to Essex. As both sides were incapable of pushing an further at that point, the second war ended with the setting of the border at Essex, though the GNE and CNR continued to lay claim to the lands they had occupied at their peaks during the war.

War of Infection and the "Bandit Conflicts"Edit

The GovernmentEdit

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