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The Fire Hawk Clan has been around since the Early 8th Century, and ever since hated the White Men. They tryed to make a deal with the United States of America, but it never ended out correctly. The Party got Slaughtered, and the Fire Hawks became a Apache Class Tribe.

But Years later, the Apocalypse happended.

The Treaty of PierreEdit

Back during the First Days, the Fire Hawks became Superbly Strong. They had Stockpiled Modern Weapons for a Long period of time, and Used Car parts for Walls around their Settlements. But when the Blood Axe Clan Came they were Going to be turned into Carcasses untill they came up with a Idea. A Confederacy of Tribes that would Rule South Dakota. Of Course Johnny Blaize loved the Idea to distinguish their Tribe again, so they Genourously Accepted. Today they make up the Bulk of the Blood Axe Clan forces. Being the Clan that supports most of the Military Might of the Federation.

Military Forces/RolesEdit

FireHawk: Backbone of the Tribal Army, being the most Common Soldier. (10 in a Squad)

FireRider: Horse Riders wielding Pikes and Torches (5 in a Squad)

FireEagle: Vetran Firehawk usually in command of a Squad.

FireMaster: Leader of a Force of Soldiers (100 Soldiers)

Chieftan: Leader of the Tribe

Shaman: Basically Workers or Diplomats.

Shamed: People who did not pass the Test to become a Firehawk.